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Happy Monday,

I’ve had a lot of clients coming to me lately asking me to help them build their confidence. When it comes to reaching high-performance goals, I’d say it is the thing I have to coach clients on building the most, next to motivation.

I have this one client of mine who is really struggling to get to the next level in her business. She has created all kinds of different self-sabotaging roadblocks for herself, one of which is her very limited belief system about what she can do.

To the outsider, it would not appear that she lacks confidence. She is a super high-achiever, she has had a ton of personal and professional success and she looks like she has it all together. On the inside, however, she has more stories about what she can’t do than what she can do.

In the last couple of weeks, we have taken a closer look at that nasty self-sabotaging pattern we like to call the “never enough” pattern. Last week we looked at developing the mindset that would help us want to overcome this very popular, yet dangerous, pattern (by developing a compassionate frame).

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: I Can Because I Did’ (click here to watch), I show you one of my favourite tools for for building empowering, self-supportive beliefs and it was the one I reached for to help my client overcome her self-sabotaging roadblocks to success.

Confidence is the feeling produced by your brain when it believes it can do something and do it well. We need confidence to be strong when we are engaged in any process of change and development.

Test out your confidence right now. Connect with your future self, health, wealth and career goals and ask yourself “Do I believe I can do that? Do I believe I can get there?” And then notice how you feel? Does confidence flood into your nervous system of self-doubt and fear?

Notice the stories that come up in support of those feelings. Are they full of supportive proof or proof of past failures? Your brain will show you what you believe is true, you just have to tune in closely and and pay attention.

You simply won’t get to that goal without the right set of beliefs and strong beliefs require a strong collection of proof. So get to work right away and go on a proof finding mission. Build the “I can because I did” story and watch your results soar to the next level.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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