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Happy Monday,

So last week, we looked at your motivational style. We identified one of the most popular, yet lowest quality types of motivation, the never enough pattern.

The problem with this low-performance way of motivating yourself is that it eats away at your confidence, and hello, you need confidence levels to be high when it comes to the sustainability of your motivation.

Those who subscribe to the never enough pattern as a strategy for motivation are classic for beating themselves up mentally as a means for eliciting drive and motivation towards reaching their goals.

A much more sustainable, high-performance strategy for motivation is to develop what’s called a ‘compassionate frame’ (click here to watch this week’s MoMonday Video: The Compassionate Frame‘).

Think of those you feel compassion towards…doesn’t that frame of beliefs make you want to reach out your hand and help them?

That’s exactly the way you want to feel towards yourself when you are working towards the achievement of any high-performance goal-like you want to help and support yourself.

Developing beliefs that make you want to help yourself is a much stronger and more sustainable form of motivation. It puts your brain into a state of curiosity, wanting to understand the breakdowns and what caused them to happen.

Once you understand where the breakdowns occurred and why, you are much better equipped to strategically intervene and solve the problem, making it much more likely that you will overcome the performance roadblocks as they occur.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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