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May 19

Mental Health in Athletes

In honour of Mental Health Awareness month, I wanted to have a mental health chat with all of the athletes in our lockerroom. Very few people are immune to experiencing mental health issues and athletes are no exception. Despite their active and healthy lifestyle, and physically fit appearance, athletes are just as human as the […]

May 17

Perfectionism in Leadership (and steps for creating better balance)

Perfectionism is way more common than we think. Here are three common types of perfectionism found in leadership:   Socially Prescribed Perfectionists:  Socially prescribed perfectionists feel immense pressure to be the best and worry that others    will reject and/or judge them. Perceived external standards (from family, workplace, culture, society, etc.) can lead to anxiety […]

May 16

There’s No Place for Emotions in Business

We’ve all heard this expression in our careers; whether it’s something as direct as someone literally saying it or it being an unsaid/unwritten rule of the culture.  Often it went beyond our careers and it was told to us by our parents, our coaches, our teachers and society from when we were children.  We’re told […]

May 12

How Emotions Relate to Performance

How we relate to our emotions falls on a spectrum. Some of us get swept up by our emotions and speak impulsively. We may lash out at people. Some of us swing to the other extreme where we suppress our emotions. We think that emotions create drama and complicate things so we try to avoid […]

May 10

My Thoughts on Burnout (cont’d)

I wanted to take a short couple of minutes to continue a discussion we started on the Inside the Athletic Mind podcast that has stuck with me throughout this past week.    As you may already know, the athletic world has experienced some incredible tragedies over the past month with the loss of 3 student-athletes […]

May 09

Why Change Initiatives Fail and How to Succeed at Change

Change is hard.   Harvard Business Review reports that 70% of change initiatives don’t work.    Major consulting firms are experiencing only a 30% success rate with their digital transformation initiatives.   So why is change so difficult to adopt, and what can we, as leaders and individual contributors, do about it?   “I believe […]

May 05

Feel More, Think Less

When it comes to coping with difficult situations, our brain’s primary job is to keep us safe. When these difficulties are too great, the brain tends to compartmentalize our emotions by putting up a protective self to guard against the reality of the situation until we can effectively cope and heal. Think of it like […]

May 03

It’s Time to Throw Out the Pond-to-Fish Ratio

For a long time I used the analogy of going from “a big fish in a small pond” to “a small fish in a big pond” to describe my transition from high school to university. I went from a small town in rural Ontario to Princeton University, and found the transition really challenging.    Years […]

May 02

Is Burnout Your Business’ Biggest Risk?

With so much uncertainty going on in the world with the pandemic, wars, financial markets, employers shifting people to remote/back to work/hybrid, parents managing their children’s remote schooling and more, people have been accumulating stress.   Even beyond that, a significant rise in meetings (308.8% more in 1-on-1 meetings & 25.3% more in meetings overall) & […]

Apr 28

What is Perspective

The simple answer to this questions is that our perspective is what shapes the way we see things in the world–the way we interpret and understand the stimulus in front of us. This is simple enough for us to understand: my perspective influences the way that I interpret the information in front of me. If […]

Apr 26

How to Create Better Expectations

Have you worked hard to succeed only to find that success doesn’t bring the happiness and fulfillment you imagined? Do you often feel frustrated, anxious or disappointed? If this resonates with you it could be time to get curious about your expectations.    Uncover Them Our expectations hide out so we must create the mental […]

Apr 19

The 3 Key Variables That Drive Behaviour

Many of us have, at some point or another, over-prescribed “lack of motivation” as the single cause of inaction or undesired behaviour.     Sure, motivation will occasionally inspire us to do extraordinary things, but it alone is not the key to sustainable performance. Thinking it is can eventually lead you (and those you lead) to […]

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