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Feb 15

Why Effective Goal Setting is Important

I gave two separate talks this week on goal setting. The first was to a team who is in the middle of a season, facing a losing record. The second was on a podcast, geared towards both current and former athletes. Effective goal setting is equally crucial to all three of these groups; athletes, athletes […]

Feb 15

Leak or Flood?

Take a minute to reflect on what your impulse reaction is to the following scenarios: Your manager or colleague has scheduled a meeting in your calendar to discuss a project you’re working on. You receive an abrupt text message from a friend or family member. You realize that you made a spelling error in a […]

Feb 15

You Don’t Need a “C” to be a Leader

We talk about leadership a lot. In the workplace, in sports teams and organizations, and frequently see those roles being glamorized in movies and TV shows (as a hockey player myself, the movie  Miracle comes to mind. Being a leader is something that many people covet for themselves, but don’t know how to attain adn there […]

Feb 15

A Dog’s Perspective

I took my dog for a walk recently. When Winston pulled away to chew on the 30-foot ash tree that captured his attention, my instincts were to yell. To pull. To beg him to stop. Responses mired in frustration, in emotion. I asked myself, how can I cultivate leaders in Fortune 500 companies if I […]

Feb 15

Why Do We Listen?

I was a self-diagnosed “problem solver” in my early days as a leader. It was born of good intentions. I cared deeply about helping other people and genuinely believed that the best way to show that was to provide a solution to their problems as quickly as possible. As a result, once I heard “the […]

Nov 17

How The Pandemic Is Calling Us To Become Better Leaders

Susan Hobson Forbes Councils Member Forbes Coaches Council COUNCIL POST| Membership (Fee-Based) CEO & Founder of Elite High Performance, Co-Host of the Leadership Launchpad Project Podcast. When the pandemic first hit and we were sent home and told to stay there, I remember wondering, “Is this the wake-up call we’ve been waiting for?” Now you may […]

Nov 17

Why You Feel Like a Fake

It’s embarrassing to admit but you act more confident than you are and that makes you feel like a fake. You think you’re not as good as how others see you. You’ve asked yourself who am I to do something like that? That inner narrative stems from the imposter mindset and it creates an anxious […]

Oct 13

What Makes a High-Performance Team?

Why are we not talking about the important role relationships play in the workplace? Many factors go into creating a high-performance team – vision, goals, innovation, collaboration, skilled people, and strong work ethics. But there is one factor that outweighs them all that isn’t discussed quite as commonly: relationships.   In the sports world, many […]

Oct 06

Zoom Out and Then Zoom In

One of the challenges I remember from when I first got exposed to coaching and mindset work was getting a handle on being so much in my head. I was the classic go to bed exhausted but end up lying there with racing thoughts. A negative event or situation would cause me to get stressed […]

Oct 03

Susan Hobson Invited to Join Forbes Coaches Council 2022

Forbes Coaches Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Leading Business and Career Coaches   TORONTO, CANADA | October 3, 2022, Elite Newsletter — Elite High Performance, a science based coaching process designed to drive health, wealth, self, business, and relationship performance to the next level. CEO Susan Hobson has been accepted into Forbes Coaches Council, […]

Sep 15

How to Empower Your Growth and Rise into Leadership 2.0 with Legacy Leader, Tracey Allen

We’ve got another incredible resource and ultra empowering message for you all to check out today!  Our very own Legacy Leader, Tracey Allen of Nokia, shares this MasterClass on how she navigated rising into leadership 2.0 whilst navigating the tech industry. In this MasterClass, Tracey shares how to crush the glass ceiling on our growth […]

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